Brew day 5-9-2015
Doing a Hefeweizen from grain for the first time on my new system.
The grain bill was 8lbs pisner malt and 12lbs White wheat. I used 1oz Perle hops from pellets. Pitched a 1 liter starter of Safbrew WB-06 dry yeast started 1 day earlier with some malt extract

Per the recipe:
Calculated OG:1.051, predicted FG:1.013, Color 4.39 SRM, Bitterness 12.1 IBU, Alcohol 5.02%

Actual numbers:
post-boil OG:1.052@70F, FG:??@70F,

Mashed grains with 6.5 gallons of water with mash temp of 154, surprisingly, the temp dropped only 2 degrees in the course of an hour. This was followed by sparging with 8 gallons at 169 with a 20 minute rest. Results were 12ish gallons of pre-boil wort. I did not check the pre-boil gravity.

The boil was 60 minutes with the hops in the hops spider the whole time. results were ~9.5 gallons post-boil. The wort chiller made short work of cooling the wort to 70.

I am fermenting (hopefully) at ~70F for 14 days.

Some new equipment made the day a little easier

Pump and Chiller

And a hop spider to keep the hops from clogging the chiller

Some insulation on the mash tun

The hop spider in action during the boil

Finally(almost) the yeast in action fermenting the wort into beer